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You know those parenting moments when you feel like everything is completely out of control and you try your best to calm the situation and calm yourself?  You are screaming, your child is screaming, things are flying, and holes are being punched in the wall?  What about watching your child calmly watching TV only to have them rage and hit their sibling because the sibling walked in front of their view of the TV?  How about the child who stomps up the steps when they don’t get their way?  The child who runs away from home?  Are you completely burnt out and exhausted from the extreme behavior?  Are you frustrated because nothing is working to get them to behave?

At Carrefour Coaching, we have lived these moments.  We want to help you have the best relationship possible with your child.  We provide relationship-based coaching services for parents or caregivers of children with extreme behaviors to help restore connection for positive change.  We serve parents or caregivers of foster or adopted children with special needs, social workers, teachers, urban youth workers, and parents who need extra support for children going through a tough time. 


Because of the years of training and experience gained from working with and raising special needs children, Carrefour Coaching staff is uniquely positioned to understand the needs of children with extreme behaviors, giving a clear perspective that caregivers with which caregivers can identify.  We welcome you to grow and feel empowered to do this thing called parenting.

"Children often cannot recover until the parent has reached out

to make a connection with them."

Daniel J. Siegel, M.D.

The Lord said to His people: 

"You are standing at the crossroads.  So consider your path.  

Ask where the old, reliable paths are.  

Ask where the path is that leads to blessing and follow it.  

If you do, you will find rest for your souls."

Jeremiah 6:16

Vision Statement

The vision of

Carrefour Coaching L.L.C.

is to empower parents to make healing connections for transformational change.

Business Philosphy

Restoration is the heart of Carrefour Coaching L.L.C.  We offer hope in a safe, positive, non-judgmental community that serves our clients with integrity and transparency.

Happy young family sitting on couch and talking with family counselor. Smiling parents wit

Mission Statement

The mission of

Carrefour Coaching L.L.C.

is to strengthen families to build healthy and lasting relationships by connecting them with the right tools, education, and appropriate advocacy.  Our goal is to coach clients to use proven techniques to help achieve reachable goals through guidance and support while creating safe environments for clients to connect with their children who have trauma behaviors.

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