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Why coaching?

"To bring a child to a place of healing, you must know the path yourself."

Karyn Purvis, PhD


What is parent coaching?

Parent coaching is a collaborative process between the parent and the coach.  We work together with parents to help develop and define clear, realistic goals to help you achieve positive outcomes in your family.  The coach does not dictate values or beliefs but gives you the tools and resources to help you with your child's behavior issues.  While not all challenges can be removed from your family, your parent coach will walk with you to give a new perspective of your child.  Parent coaching enables you to:

  • have more meaningful connections with your child

  • deepen your relationship with your child 

  • reduce stress for you and your child

  • help with stress management and parent self-care


What is the difference between coaching and psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy focuses on dealing with unresolved past issues for client emotions that need healing. Therapy looks at the root of a person's problems and offers the client an explanation of their situation.


Parent Coaching is not psychotherapy and does not diagnose or treat parent or child. It focuses on the present and the future. Coaching is collaborative between the parent and the coach and is about accountability and focusing on child behavior successes.

How does parent coaching work? 

Life is busy!  At Carrefour Coaching, we meet with parents online or by phone.  Carrefour Coaching starts with an initial four-session package. This provides you with a good understanding of how to handle your child's behaviors.


The inital session is 90 minutes. This allows for plenty of time to discuss the struggles you are facing.  Together, we will come up with goals for you and your child.  You will leave the session with tools that you can implement immediately.  After that, we will meet every two weeks which will allow you time to implement the goals and see the sucesses you are having with your child. Each subsequent visit is one hour.  If your child is more complex, you may feel the need for weekly or additional sessions later on if you just need a refresher.  


Who is allowed at the coaching meeting?

Anyone who works with the child is welcome to the coaching meeting!  We do not work directly with your child.  You, as the parent, are the healer and advocate of your child because you know deeply of your child's behaviors, struggles, and strengths.  We encourage family unity and, if possible, request both parents attend each session so the information is equally understood and implemented.  


What is expected of me?

We believe that the best way to help you help your child is to be honest and transparent with your struggles.  There is no judgment here.  No parent is perfect, and you are not alone on this journey.  We ask that you make every effort to be engaged in a transformational relationship with your child for the best outcomes.  We also ask that you practice self-empathy and good self-care.  




Parenting is hard!

We just get stuck sometimes and need a hand.

 Let us join you at YOUR 


and move forward together

on your parenting journey.

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